Make a Donation to the Orlando Bully Rescue

All donations are tax deductible
$10 covers the cost of a vaccination
$40 covers the cost of a bag of food
$70 covers the cost to spay/neuter a puppy
$150 covers the cost to spay/neuter an adult


Pets need consistency, structure, and love to thrive. At Eastman's Escape, our trained staff promotes and teaches positive behavior by modeling it in every daycare session – pets learn as they play! Eastman’s Escape provides a safe environment for pets to learn vital social skills by offering planned play-groups and monitored activity time. Being part of Eastman's Escape can make your pet more pleasant at home and around other animals. Behavioral modification sessions are offered, addressing specific concerns.


A healthy pet is a happy pet and it is important to promote a pet’s health and well-being through nutrition. Knowing which dog food and treats to feed your dog can be confusing when dealing with allergies and other nutrition concerns.  At Eastman's Escape, we offer diet reviews that help you understand which food and treats are best for your dog. Our staff takes into consideration the pet’s age, breed and any health conditions, so your pet can enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Ask about our diet consultations.


Pets, like people, sometimes have injuries and health conditions that require professional care. While a vet visit may be necessary at times, you may also be able to treat your pet quickly and efficiently using items you already have a home. The staff at Eastman’s Escape can offer education and guidance on the various holistic and natural methods for the treatment of your pet. Home remedies can help to decrease the costly vet bills you may be facing and make you a more educated pet-owner.