About Eastmans

Eastman's Escape for Healthy Pets (Eastman's Escape) is a family owned and operated company whose name and creation was inspired by a small cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania and a grandfather who loved escaping to the outdoors with his dog. It is a dog 'fitness daycamp' and pet boarding facility in the Orlando area that will provide exceptional care for every animal by maintaining the belief that every pet cared for is as much a part of their family as the actual parents. One of the major goals of the company will be to help maintain a healthy lifestyle for each animal in order to promote a longer, more youthful life, no matter what their breed or age may be.
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Our Mission

Eastman's Escape for Healthy Pets is dedicated to providing unmatched care and love for your pet while you are away, enabling you to feel secure knowing that your dog or cat is in a safe and fun environment, socializing with other animals until your return, and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle while in our care. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to all their pet owners, and striving to help those parents obtain healthy goals they set for their pet.